Thursday, 30 June 2016


Last month I focused on change.
Each year I have a mantra I repeat to myself all year.
For some reason my 2013 mantra kept echoing in my head.
Routine. Consistency. Sustainability.

June was a big month.
I've had a steady yoga practice for several years, so the accomplishment was not the number of days I practiced yoga.
It was the way I practiced yoga.

At the beginning of June, I became aware that my life had become well and truly derailed.

I realized that I wanted to change. I needed to change, but I didn't know how.
It's hard to find the courage to change and it's even harder to sustain changes.
Nonetheless, I decided the place to start was where I found myself most days anyway, on the mat.

In the past, I would dedicate my energy throughout every yoga class to someone I felt needed it. While I worked through the Asanas my brain would tap out and I would work through someone else's chakras and focus on spiritually healing them.

Each class this month, I made a concerted effort to only focus on myself, my chakras and my spiritual energy.  It was far more difficult than I imagined. 
I cried at different points of many yin classes. I just hoped that the instructor and my peers would think that spending five minutes in pigeon pose made me abnormally sweat...from my eyes.

As the month comes to a close I have proven myself right again.  
There is nothing that yoga and mediation cannot fix. 
The core of who I am has woken and shifted; and I can't wait for July.

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