Thursday, 9 March 2017

A list of 18% of the things I love

I love sea shells
I love pillow heaven
I love bamboo sheets
I love faux fur rugs
I love vintage hand mirrors, especially from the 70s
I love full length mirrors
I love the Pierre MadeniƩ tarot deck
I love the French language
I love French culture
I love Paris
I love ABT body suits
I love that I used to be a beautiful dancer
I love one piece bathing suits
I love white see through curtains
I love laughing, I had this friend Scott Fullmer and a friend Scott Doney, with those cats I've never laughed harder in my life.
I love good lighting, specifically low and warm lighting
I love nag champa
I love the occult
I love the mystic
I love a good mystery still needing to be solved
I love my darling Alice in India
I love wearing clean lines
I love tequila
I love champagne
I love good glassware
I love my mother
I goddamn adore my father
I love walking on those spikey grates on the sidewalk, because the pressure feels soooooo good on my tiny hooves
I love heather turner
I love that I have long hair
I love having powder pink shellac
I love massages
I love Botox, fillers and restalyne
I love pastels
I love the smell of painting with oils
I love dreamland
I love my darling brothers three
I love the pearl earrings that I wear everyday
I love my best friends James Doney and Rachel Rose
I love wearing flower crowns and head jewels
I love animals, especially snakes and spiders
I love skull decor
I love having my photograph taken
I love missing my people
I love giving toasts at parties
I love being a yogini
I couldn't live without meditation
I love observing
I love my psychic girlfriends who run with me
I love getting caught up in the details
I love being enchanted with everything
I love beads and sparkly sequence
I love old bureaus and the smell of the wood
I love the earth
I fucking love the earth
I love being on my knees in the wheat field in Bragg Creek and putting my hands into the earth
(Our old country neighbour hates it because he knows every sow of his wheat field and he would notice every wheat strand that was ruined by my childish enchantment with being in that field)
I love stretching my muscles
I love yawning
I love meeting strangers
I love eyebrows
I love when girls have pale faces and rosy cheeks
I love tea cups
I love green tea
I love eating anything spicy, make it hot hot hot
I love tip toeing around and being so quiet
I love words. There is only one good word for everything
I love walking in warm humid nights
I love holding hands
I love little wooden stools so I can reach things
I love Himalayan prayer flags
I love listening to Buddhist monk chants
I love opera
I love instrumental
I love drum lines that make you feel like you can fly
I love bats
I love possums
My second favourite flavour next to spicy is sour
I love sour
I love pocket watches
I love the idea of Peter Pan and that damn crocodile chasing us down
I love a good deal, I can never say no
I love train tracks
I love visualization
I love being vulnerable

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