Friday, 31 March 2017

Natural's Oracular - A toast to all my friends

It's easy to preach and tell people what you think
But before you can be big, you have to sink
I have lived these ensuing lives, I implore you to do the same
No explanation is required, if in God you trust
 you'll know the value at the close of your reign

Seek out the ethereal, the mystic and the occult
Let the wind pull your heart by a string up into the sky
Shed everything

Orienteer that hard line between losing your pride and losing your dignity
Regain your dignity and throw your pride to the lions
Enter the home stretch
Sprint to Zion
Relish all pain
Destroy your idea of yourself
Step your heels off the ledge without aim
Open your arms
Fall backwards into the abyss
Let the fear twist through your body and out through your core, ankles and wrists
Burn up into oblivion
You are renewed and live on

When you've been stripped to your core
become the finest red wine reduction of luck
And soak all of it up
The chance to be brave happens everyday
Take ten deep breaths
Lovingly suck in the hardship and adore the pain
Flip your initially negatively perceived energy
And build something worth the strain


I raise my glass to your apathy, your darkest days and all the things you hate to be
You've outgrown your fear
I raise my glass to us
My esoteric kings and queens

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