Thursday, 27 April 2017

Natural's Hermano

My baby brother spencer is ten years younger than me 
I grew up taking care of him 
I gave him skittles for flushing the toilet 
Read a chunk of the Harry Potter books in all the voices 
Caught him trying to google "ferginas" on the World Wide Web 
Was his basketball coach 
Did his science school projects (actually)
Laughed when he cut up all his undies into loin clothes and did the golem voice in the corner with a "lord of the rings" ring we got in cereal box 

He used to pull out a drawer in the kitchen and sit in it
I pulled him out of that drawer 
He loved his nanny Maria
They would dance to Jimmy Buffet, Whitney Houston, Def Leopard and Billy Joel

I changed his diapers 
Brushed his hair 
Made his lunches 
Woke his sleepy face up for school 
Rocked him to sleep

My papa said something that broke my heart
He said Natalie, Spencer doesn't remember any of that. He was too young. 

I paused

Today we are in Mexico
My beautiful girlfriend was kind enough to invite him on her Stagette 
We've only spent a handful of times together as adults, so this is me learning about who he is as a grown man:

My brother has taken the time to know every single person who has crossed his path at this resort
He's asked them their name, heritage, about their family, where they are from and what makes them tick
He doesn't care if they work at the resort, if they are visiting or about anything else
He cares about people 
He cares about them

He's so kind 
To his core
I'm amazed 
I'm honoured

We realized that we have that twin connection
I took care of him as a baby 
And I've dreamt about him since the day I left home
He was probably 8
We can find each other without phones or asking, it's by feeling out the landscape
We can look at each other and know exactly what to do 
He amplifies my psychic vibe 
can hear again
I can hear everything
It's dope

Our vibes are running high, but our time is running out 
This is my last trip home for the next three or four years, but it's the dawn of Akshaya Tritriya 

The beginning

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