Sunday, 27 August 2017

Natural's Heart

Chapter Mark and that stupid DMA's cover
Cut out the bridge
The part where he says he doesn't need you anymore
Cut out all the words and all the things the words are suppose to mean
Leave his awkward ways
The green gum in his mouth 
It must have smelled like mint
Leave that gorgeous vibrato 
Close your eyes and feel the cool between the teeth
the start of the shudder
Then Shudder
the echo
The hazy feeling I had waking up from the groggy world
Somewhere between lethargic exuding cathartic magic
My body was sick
But my heart had butterflies and despair
I dropped and ran
Leave their awkward low brow dress
And that silly ball cap
Leave the love
Keep whatever you can from this
Grasp it to its depth
Your fingers cannot hold
It's slipping away 

Believe in life after love

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